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Best Perfume Hacks That Will Make You Smell Like Diva All Day

So, Girls, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume. Because we human beings associate memories and people with their fragrances. So its really important that the perfume on which you are spending money should make you gorgeous all day long. And let me tell you one thing, you have been applying your perfume wrong till now. But this article is for you only. Here are some best perfume hacks that can keep you smelling fresh and attractive throughout the day.

Best perfume hacks
Best perfume hacks

1.  Store them in dark cool place

First thing first, if you want your perfume to smell last longer then you need to store them in a cool and dark place. You have to keep them away from sunlight. And if you prefer to store your bottles in the bathroom. Please stop doing it. The humidity, dampness, warmth will break the molecular structure and damage the quality of the fragrance. The best you can do that is store them in the drawer of your cupboard away from the sun rays.

2. Apply the fragrance just after the shower

If you will apply the perfume right after your shower it will last longer because your skin is still damp after taking shower and skin’s moisture will absorb the scent better.

3. Use a good quality of moisturizer

If you have dry skin then you should apply a good amount of moisture before applying your perfume. Most of the fragrances will last longer on moisturized skin. So make sure you have moisturized your skin pretty well with a good quality of body lotion.

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4. Target your Pulse Points

You should always apply your perfume on the pulse points and the warmer area of your body. On your wrist, on your neck, behind your knees and calves, inside your elbows etc. These are the points where where the blood vessels are at the surface on your skin and the pressure points naturally radiate heat and eventually fragrance keep evaporating from the skin.

5. Spray it on your comb or hairbrush

If you want your hair to smell awesome all day long then you can spray some perfume on your brush. And when you comb your hair with brush, fragrance will disperse through your hair. But please don’t spray directly on your hair because alcohol content may damage your hair.

6. Petroleum Jelly works like wonder

You just have to dab a little bit of vaseline on all your pulse point or where you want to apply the perfume. Vaseline is one of the best skin moisturizers that I am sure most of you guys are using on regular basis. Vaseline has oily complexion and as mentioned earlier fragrances will last longer on damp and moisturized skin. So you can try this also.

7. Spray it on your closet

If you want to make your clothes also smelling like flower bed then spray some perfume into your closet. One trick that will work here is, take some tissue papers. and spray your favorite perfume on to it. And then you can place these scented tissue papers in between your clothes.


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