Best Tips to Keep Your Lips Smooth and Soft

Have you ever noticed that some women naturally have gorgeous lips? They generally look soft and smooth, not to mention perfect and plump. Here are some tips to help your lips look good now and in the coming years. With these tips, your lips will fill up enough for others to ask your secrets!

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is not your friend, women. In addition to being terribly unhealthy, it is terrible for your skin and lips. Have you ever noticed the lips of a woman who has been smoking for years? They are wrinkled and unable to hold the lipstick in place, which is another disappointment. Not smoking is a good decision for your lips and your whole body.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Lips may have dry, scaly skin that looks and feels bad. This is common in autumn and winter. Peeling the lips removes the scaly skin and makes it smooth. You can peel off your lips by gently rubbing a damp washcloth or toothbrush. There are also special products designed to exfoliate your lips. Try E.L.F. Lip Scrub. This steals for $ 3.

Protect them from The Sun

You also need sunscreen on your lips. It’s easy to forget. We religiously apply sunscreen, but usually ignore our lips. This is important all year round, but you spend more time outdoors, especially in the summer. Choose lip products that contain SPF, such as fresh sugar lip treatments with SPF 15. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors.

Protect them from Elements

The cold, dry air of autumn and winter is not ideal for our lips. This makes you more susceptible to cracks, cracks and other lip problems. We all feel the effects of cold on our lips. Protect them by always applying lip balm before you adventure. Place one in your coat pocket or next to the key to encourage it to be used.

Choose Moisturizing Lipstick, Gloss, Balm

Your lips may not be soft and smooth due to the lip product you are using. Some lip products can actually make your lips drier. Avoid lip products that last a long time or promise color all day, as they are one of the easiest products to dry. Always choose the products that provides moisture to your lips. Also, pay close attention to how your lip product feels on your lips. You can usually find out how well the product hydrates them.

Apply Moisturizer before Applying Lipstick

If you wear lipstick that is known to be dry, apply a moisturizer first. It can help protect your lips from the drying effect of lipstick. A simple chapstick can do amazing things. Simply apply a thin coat of chap stick or your favorite moisturizing lip balm to your lips and you’re ready to apply the lipstick. It also makes your lips richer, as the lipstick does not sink into the gaps between your bare lips.

Don’t Bite Your Lips

Biting your lips may be attractive, but it’s a bad habit. You will usually find yourself doing this when your lips are dry and scaly. If you find this a problem, peel them off or apply a nutritious lip balm or lip treatment immediately. It’s also a good idea to have your lip balm handy when you start to notice that your lips are dry.


Here are 7 tips to keep your lips soft and smooth. What is your favorite lip product? I love listening to your recommendations!

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