Beware: These foods are making you sad!

A good diet


We eat food to make us happy — not only does food satiates our hunger, it also elevates our mood. So, do all foods make us happy?

The wrong food


No, all foods don’t make you feel good. In fact, there are many foods which are known to give you comfort, but can in fact make you feel depressed. Read on.



A recent study of menopausal women last year revealed that the more sugar you consume, the more depressed you become.

Why this happens?


It is said that when the blood glucose in your body rises, this leads to many proteins in your body falling drastically low — this can make you feeling sad and vulnerable.

Artificial sweetners


The alternative to sugar is equally bad — The Aspartame mentioned in sweeteners blocks the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin that can cause depression and insomnia.



Your nervous system does not take to alcohol in a good way, no matter what spirit you are drinking. Regular consumption of alcohol will make you depressed.

Why it happens?


Alcohol suppresses the working of the nervous system — and affects your thinking and cognitive abilities — in the long run, this can make you feel sad.



Hydrogenated oil is full of trans- fat and anything cooked in this oil probably tastes very good — friend chicken, fish or french fries. However, it can make you feel bloated and sad.

Fast food


This one is a no-brainer. According to a recent study, people who consume fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those who stay away from fast food.

What is fast food?10

Fast food includes pizza, burgers, fries and anything that is oily and unhealthy — while a small portion won’t do any harm, in the long run, fast food can make you overweight and depressed.

Trans fat


Trans fat can not only make you depressed, they can also block your arteries — this can make you prone to heart conditions and can make you feel sad.



Anything that is full of salt will make you feel depressed — salty food will make you bloated and will lead to water retention, thus making you depressed.



While a bit of caffeine can help keep you alert and awake, an excess of caffeine can make you feel lethargic, overweight and depressed.

Wheat bran


This one isn’t so bad, if had in moderation — it is considered to be a good health food, however it limits the absorption of zinc in your body — this can make you feeling sad.



Apart from its loads of health benefits, Tofu is also high in copper, a mineral linked to anxious behavior. Apart from this, tofu is a miracle food — you can have it in moderation everyday.



Touted the world over as the ultimate comfort food, sweet or milk chocolates are in fact a silent killer — one bar of chocolate will need an hour of exercise — switch to dark chocolate, its healthier.

Whole wheat bread


Even the most healthiest of whole wheat bread contains starch and sugar, that can make you feel sad and morose. Avoid.

Apple juice


Any canned juice is not good and apple juice is no exception — one glass of apple juice contains as much sugar as you should have in one week — this can make you relatively sad.



While gulping down a glass of red wine once in a while does you a lot of good, having wine every night will make you feel a sense of dizziness and sadness. It might even lead to suicidal tendencies.

Staying happy


Of course, nothing is bad if had in moderation, so its best to consult a nutritionist on what you should and what you should not have. Make sure to have a balanced diet everyday to make you happy.

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