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Bible Dreams 02Bibles always speak the opposite of what you see in your dream. If this sounds confusing, read ahead for more clear vision.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Many people often dream of negative situations where they are reading a bible. Treat this as opposite news. In simple

the wooden rosary on the open Bible
the wooden rosary on the open Bible

terms, it means something good will happen during this tough time and the bible signifies the good spirit to arrive that will take away all your sorrows.
Bible is the symbol of good deeds and spirituality. Thus, seeing a Bible in dream reflects your relationship and behavior with others. Do not neglect these dreams as they hold the strongest meaning of what your life relates to.
Reading a Bible in your dream may depict your teachings of the childhood and your experiences about life. The symbol of Bible is also related to your social circle and social behavior towards others. This could be with your family, your friends and the society at large. Understand the different changes in your life and what are they trying to convey through your dreams.Bible Dreams 04

Most Common Bible Dreams :
• Reading a Bible: If you were reading a Bible in dream, your life is hinting you that you have a spiritual aspect in you and you must make it evident to the people around you. It also asks you to have a little patience in life as it takes time for the things to fall in place.
• Listening to Bible at Church: This dream is related to the various ups and downs in life. If you were listening to Bible at Church, it means that life will be blessed with good things around you. All you need is to keep the faith and do not lose hopes in life.
• Seeing a Bible: Seeing a bible in dream is one of the best signs. When you see a bible, it means that goodness surrounds you. Your dream is trying to convey that you will soon see things changing in your life and the worries fading away. Perhaps, going to the church may help you. Do some meditation as it will give you peace of mind.

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