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bicycle dreams 03Bicycle is a moving object and thus, the symbol depicts various meanings of a life’s circle. There is much more to know in regard to this.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Bicycle symbolizes the moving circle of life. Seeing a bicycle is a hint that you will reach bicycle dreams 02somewhere. This could either be your motivation or your future plan. Cycling refers to the different moods that a person feels.
Bicycles are also related to the ups and downs of life. For instance, riding a bicycle gives you both, smooth edges and rough pebbles on your journey. The smooth edges are related to the happy times of your life and the rough pebbles denote the challenges of life. How you ride a bicycle in dream depicts the way you handle these situations in life.
Your life situations will be the reason of what you dream about a bicycle. This could be positive, negative or both. Analyze the factors like the background, who was riding the bicycle and the speed of the cycle to understand what you dream is trying to convey.bicycle dreams 04

Most Common Bicycle Dreams:
• Speeding a Bicycle: Speeding a bicycle in dream means that you are not riding your life’s journey at a normal place. The speed of the cycle depicts that you are running away from the situations and do not wish to solve them. Instead of running away, take one step at a time. It will help you to solve the challenges slowly and steadily.
• Cycling on the Grass: The green grass in your dream symbolizes peace of mind. Cycling on the green grass means that you will have good times ahead. Enjoy this peaceful period of your life. According to the practical side of view, this dream also conveys that you have a cool personality and you enjoy keeping a distance from the people.
• Falling off the Bicycle: This indicates that you are losing your self-confidence. Spend time with your loved ones and take suggestions from the experienced people. Join a course on building your personality and motivation. Do things that interest you the most and this will surely help to bring back your confidence level.

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