Your Biggest Personality Flaws Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have them, and they are not pretty. But they are real. It is nearly impossible to be a perfect person. The thing about flaws are that they aren’t necessarily aspects that make us bad people. They are just obstacles or weaknesses that we need to work on. Having weaknesses do not make you weak all over. It just makes you human. We all want to know our flaws, but not everyone is going to tell us. However, your zodiac knows your most crucial flaw.

The one thing that sucks about us the most and maybe it is what others see.

1. Aries: You’re Arrogant

You know you’re right, you listen to no one’s advice and pretty much believe that you’re the best. Your leadership qualities are commendable, but sometimes they land you in trouble. As an Aries, it’s all about you. When anybody else steals the spotlight, you tend to get extremely jealous. That’s because it’s always all about you. And when anyone else gets more attention than you do, you seek to destroy anyone who could possibly stand in the way of your inflamed ego.

2. Taurus: You’re Possessive

Taurus, you don’t have the same problems as Aries. In fact, one of your strengthens is that you are so patient. This patience, coupled with your reliability and sensitive side, makes you one of the greatest friends out there. Seriously, if someone wants a good bestie, they should make besties with a Taurus. Being such a great friend can also make you a little possessive. You can also be lazy at times, because your ambition is overshadowed by your desire to be close to people.

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3. Gemini: You’re Sadistic

As a Gemini, you are extremely sadistic. You are relentless in the sense that you’ll cut ties with somebody for the smallest offense, and do so with a genuine smile. You are highly anxious of everyone around you, and tend to point fingers when it’s not necessary. You remain unaffected by people’s behavior, or you at least give off that vibe.

4. Cancer: You’re Sensitive and Insecure

As a Cancer, your emotions are always raining down on you like a hurricane. Your mood swings are super intense, and not easily weathered. Sometimes you let those emotions take over and force you to do and say things in spite of a negative reaction. And sometimes it comes in the form of revenge.

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5. Leo: You’re Self-Centered

Leo, it’s your world and we’re just living in it. You’re a passionate, humorous and cheery person. People love being around you because of your bright personality. You’re like a light that draws everyone to you. Your self-centered attitude comes from your extreme pride and arrogance. You sometimes think that you should be front in center to everyone all of the time.

6. Virgo: You’re Overcritical

Not only are you really critical and demoralizing to yourself, but also to others. Not everyone is as practical as you, not everyone needs to know what huge mistake they are making, and you need to stop trying to fix their lives.

7. Libra: You’re Indecisive

Libra, you’re an easygoing kind of person. Because of your diplomatic ways, you rarely upset anyone. However, your greatest flaw is your susceptibility to influence. You’re too gullible at times. You have to remember that you can’t always please everyone, and always make sure that you’re not always making sacrifices for others’ happiness.

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8. Scorpio: You’re Self-righteous and demanding

Scorpios, you may appear harmless, even kind of weak on the outside, but you put up a facade and quite calculating. You play by your own rules to manipulate and control things and all your two-faced fakery gets annoying real quick.

9. Sagittarius: You’re Inconsistent

Sagittarius, you are idealistic and generous. This idealism, however, results in a somewhat distorted view of the world. You have a perfect version of things in your head and when they don’t play out like that, you can become bored and disappointed in the reality. Because of this boredom, you sometimes lack the patience to stick with things for the long run. This can result in your easily quitting things and having an inconsistent nature. You hop from one project or adventure, to another, without ever letting anything fully run its course.

10. Capricorn: You’re Pessimistic

Capricorn, you strongly believe that the world is out to get you. Nobody else knows pain and suffering like you do. All bad things are sent your way, and you’re the one who has to deal with it all. People get tired of listening to you constantly complain all the time, so they may distance themselves from you as a result. Then you’ll go on to whine about not having any “real” friends by your side.

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11. Aquarius: You’re An Extremist

Aquarius, your ideas and theories are very extreme, which can sometimes be polarizing to others. In fact, your ideas can sometimes be polarizing to your other ideas. You contradict yourself with such extreme ideas. You can also be detached and non-emotional. You’d rather spend your time experimenting and learning, than indulging in emotions.

12. Aries: You’re An Escapist

Pisces, instead of dealing with the harsh details of the day, you’d rather avoid them and pretend to live in a perfect fairy tale world. You can also be indecisive, because, again, you don’t feel like dealing with the real world. This avoidance results in your being timid, instead of just going for what you want in life. Don’t be shy! Pisces, if you want something, you need to speak up for it.

These are your biggest, baddest flaws based on zodiac sign. Now that you know your weaknesses based on your sign, you can try to overcome them… or you can just be one of those people who blames their shortcomings on their zodiac sign.

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