When A Boy Breaks Your Heart… Dear Zindagi’s Song Is PERFECT!

Heartbreaks are tough, aren’t they? It may feel like the end of the world, but you eventually move on with your life. A new song from Dear Zindagi just came out and it’s as good as you think it is…it’s called ‘Just Go To Hell Dil’ and it just sums up THAT feeling of having your heart broken.

The song is in Sunidhi Chauhan’s amazing voice and it’s just so relatable. What happens when we break up with someone we love…this song perfectly describes that! When you just want to let go of all those pent-up emotions and you can’t describe your feeling in words, THIS is the song you should be listening to.

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So leave all your worries aside and just listen to this song, we’re sure it’ll cheer you up…

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