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How To Find A Lingerie Like A Pro For Your Girlfriend

Here’s the thing, we anticipate that you all will be specialists at stuff this way, yet a little understanding doesn’t hurt anybody. Whether you purchase it as a first cozy present or as a blessing to flavor up your sexual coexistence, you have to do it right. So to guide you into it, I’ll let you in on a mystery we young ladies purchased our lingerie keeping our boyfriend in mind.  So if you like something, chances are, we will too.

But here’s a complete guide to help you do this right and win you some extra credit under the sheets.

1. Bras:  Our public support.

Buying bra like a pro

Now when buying a bra, you need to be particular about two things – the size and the fit. Size includes the cup size, so it could be anything from a 28B to a 38D or more. Once you know that, understand if she’s comfortable with underwires or not. Some women aren’t and that can seriously limit your options. There are way too many kinds of bras. But let’s break this down for you.

Larger Sizes (36 onwards and Cup size D onwards)

Buying bra like a pro

If you’re blessed with a woman who has a rack to kill for, you need to shop like you mean it.

If she’s a 36D or more, go for a Full Support Cups, it holds everything in place and she can wear it on a daily basis. Another option is the Minimizer Cups, if she’s required to wear formal shirts all the time, these can be a huge help because they prevent gapping in between shirt buttons. A problem all women face. The next on the ‘To Buy’ list are Balcony Cups. These are way more fancy and have the perfect neckline to make her boobs look amazing through everything.

Medium Sizes (30- 34, Cup Size: A-C)

Buying bra like pro

For a woman of substance, you need to get a bra that holds up to her standards. If you’re thinking of regular use, T-shirt bras, ask for Contour Cups. They give shape without flashing any nipple contours. If you’re looking for a fancy bra, pick a Demi Cup, this gives a slight tilt upwards without being an all out Push-up bra. Another option is Seamed Cups, these are the ones made of two or more materials, like a combination of silk and lace.

Small Sizes (28 and lesser, Cup Size: A-C)

Buying bra like pro

You’d want to go for a Padded Bra for regular use, this gives more definition to smaller cup sizes. When you’re looking for fancy, choose Petit Cups, they look great and work well.  And finally the Push-Up Bra, the name says it all.


2. Underwear: The piece of clothing that we always need.


Yes, there are tips even for buying underwear. First of all, the sizes. Underwear, much like yours comes in S, M, L and XL, so please look at her existing ones, before you start buying. Okay, let’s start with what you shouldn’t buy. Stay away from boy shorts and granny panties/briefs. Unless those are SpongeBob boy shorts, don’t even bother because these, she can buy on her own. Instead give her something sexy. Here are your options:

Hipsters: The low-rise jeans of underwear.

Buying bra like pro

So these are basically low rise underwear that rest on the hips, thus the name. It’s perfect for low rise jeans, and shorts, You get frilly ones, you get regular ones and even some with cute prints.

Bikinis: The ones we don’t wear to the beach

Buying bra like pro

The concept obviously comes from Bikini bottoms, but these are legit underwears with minimum coverage, so she can wear it with absolutely anything because there is no lining that will form contours on even a Bodycon dress.

Thongs: Not just a string.

Buying bra like pro

This one’s for sexy time. Even though some of you boys like to believe we just lounge around in thongs all day, we really don’t. It isn’t the epitome of comfort, but we’d do it for you. So when you pick a thong, be careful about the size.

G-String: Yup, this one’s a string.

Buying bra like pro

You’d be wondering what’s the difference between a G- String and a Thong. Well, a thong looks like a Hipster from the front and has a string from the ass area, but it sort of covers what’s important. Whereas a G-String, just has a triangular patch near the vajayjay area and then a string that ties it back to the string that’s holding it all together.


3. Sexy-ass Nightwear: What you’ve been waiting for.

Buying bra like pro

Yup, this is the section you’ve been waiting for. So the main consideration here is what she’d be comfortable in. She knows that best, so try to gauge that before you get something she might not wear.

There are basically 5 types of Lingerie.

Babydoll: Shortest see-through dress ever.

Buying bra like pro

This one is the most common and honestly the sexiest. It’s sort of like a really short dress with lots of cleavage. When in doubt always go with black.

Garter Belts: Like a rubber band around the thighs

Buying bra like pro

It’s basically a belt around the thighs. It has a history though, garter belts were usually used to hold up stockings and hold small things, like a purse, in the good old times. Now it just makes women look sexier.

Corset: For holding everything in.

Buying bra like pro

Corsets, again a tradition from yesteryears. In the Victorian Era, women wore these under dresses, to tuck their tummies and draw attention to their curvaceous gifts. Well, it worked then and it works now.

Chemise: Silky little number

Buying bra like pro

It’s like a satin babydoll, it’s way more comfortable yet adorably sexy.

Teddy: A swimsuit we wear to bed.

Buying bra like pro

It looks like a sexy swimsuit! It can be all lace or even satin. There are lots of variations on Teddies and t sort of fits the form.

Body Stockings: Stocking but for our whole body.


Yup, that’s a thing. The name pretty much explains it. Imagine stocking material, now make it a bodysuit and voila, you have body stockings!

Now that you’re armed with so much information, go ahead and start shopping. We bet she’ll love it.

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