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calendar dreams 02Calendar is the symbol of time and debt. A calendar in dream may represent various events of life along with the pending tasks to complete.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Consider the current events and tasks of your life, and answer if you are able to complete them on time. Seeing a calendar in dream may denote calendar dreams 03your ignorance about not following things timely. A dream of calendar foretells or hints about the upcoming events or the consequences that may arise for pending tasks.
A dream of a calendar may hint you of unpaid debts. Be a careful reader of the calendar and note down the benefits it has in real life. This will help you to analyze your dream with the reality and find out what is your dream trying to convey.
It is important that you recollect what you exactly saw about the calendar in your dream. The environment in which you saw the calendar and the condition of the calendar may foretell you about your real life situation. For instance, holding a folded calendar or folding the calendar in dream means that you do not follow the time table and often miss to finish certain tasks.calendar dreams 04

Most Common Calendar Dreams:
Reading a Calendar: Treat this dream as a reminder. You may be missing on an important or urgent task and your dream is hinting you on the same. It may also happen that you know a task is pending but, you forgot what the task was about. Perhaps, reading a calendar means that you go through your To-do list and find out what is pending.
Making a Calendar: If you dreamt that you were making a calendar, it is a good sign. It means that you will have enough of projects and work in hand, which you may have to divide as per the priorities and urgency.
Tearing the Calendar: Tearing the calendar in dream depicts two possibilities. The first is that you have an irresponsible behavior and you do follow proper rules of business and life. The second is that you will soon realize that all your pending tasks are finally over and you have nothing to remember about.

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