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Camel – Dreams Interpretation

camel dreams 02Camel is the symbol of a carrier and a helper in places where there is no support. The word ‘carrier’ relates to a lot of other things in dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

A camel in the dream represents loneliness, lonely place and a weird situation. One of the major qualities of a camel is to provide help by being a carrier of people and goods. Seeing a camel in dream may depict two things. One is either you are in need of support or someone else is in need of your support. This depends on what is the camel carrying in your dream.
Some dreams indicate camel carrying loads. It may hint you that you will get a package or courier from someone. From the spiritual point of you, camels are a symbol of respect and dignity. This is the reason why the camels were the majestic riders of the majority of the royal kings and queens.
Camels in dream are also associated with honor and destiny. The animal in dream might be trying to convey about an honor or gratitude that you may receive for a good deed done recently.camel dreams 03

Most Common Camel Dreams :
Watching a Camel Ride: A dream where you saw a camel ride denotes that you will find someone obedient and respectful soon. He could be your office colleague or a business partner. Trust your instinct and test him to clear his round of trust and faith before joining hands with him.
To see a Camel Driver: This dream is related to a captain or a manager at work. Perhaps, if your office is looking for a new manager, there are chances that you will find a reliable manager soon. Focus on interviewing and targeting the right audience.
Milking a Camel: It may sound funny; but, it is one of the most common dreams that people have shared. Milking a camel means you are raising your child well. It depicts the bonding between the family and affection towards them. It also means that you will earn your rewards from lawful ways.

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