You Can Get To Stay Inside The Eiffel Tower This Year, If You’re Lucky Enough. OMG!

Paris is incomplete without the Eiffel Tower – the tower that has been the holy grounds for romantics from all over the world and has seen countless proposals.

And it would be every couple’s dream to make the Eiffel Tower their home for even one day.

The Eiffel Tower will be open to 4 lucky winners to stay in there for a month for the first time in history.Image source
Image source

Rental company, HomeAway is taking over the first floor of the 300-acre landmark to convert it to living quarter during the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament.


HomeAway have teamed up with French interior designer Benoit Leleu and will transform and revamp the first floor of the tower to a makeshift house with bedrooms and living room for the lucky winners to stay in.

Image source
Image source

Not only that, but the winners will also be treated to a gourmet dinner and an additional three-night stay at any one of HomeAway’s vacation rentals in Paris.


The 4 lucky winners can bring along 5 of their friends for the stay at the 2000-square-feet space-turned-home that will include separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room with the view of Arc de Triomphe, the Sacre Coeur,  the Seine river and the Grand Palais.Image source

Image source

And fans will be given the option to decide how the interiors of the apartment will be designed.


To be a part of the competition, all you have to do is visit the rental company’s site and register before 31st May, and leave the rest to luck.Image source

Image source

The winners will be announced on June 10th and the stays will take place on June 23rd, June 28th, July 4th and July 8th.

I need to pray hard to Lady Luck and ask her that can I please go there already?

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