We Can’t Believe Kabali’s 1st Day Box Office Collection! This Is Frikkin’ Insane!

A regular film on the first day would approximately earn Rs. 5-10 Crores. This is after analysing how big the banner is and how many screens the film has been distributed to. But Kabali? Kabali isn’t any ‘regular’ film. It’s literally the RAJINIKANTH of films. And when the ‘Thalaiva’ makes a film, you’d expect it make more than just a regular weekend collection.

The entire weekend (whatever little of it that remains), has been absolute MADNESS. And if you don’t believe us, we have proof.

People are going crazy.



Batshit Crazy

kabali 02


Full retard. Always go full retard for Thalaiva. Totally worth it.

kabali 03


All this madness has bore fruit, and the fruit is as fat as a melon and as juicy as our headlines. Kabali has earned 40 Frikkin’ crores (approximately) in just ONE day of its release. That’s what an average Bollywood film with ‘good faces’ earns in 5 days (maybe less, I don’t know). But Rs. 40 Crores is HUGE! Analysts predict the film to earn approximately Rs. 120 Crores over the weekend. That’s literally the lifetime collection of any big-banner film!

This makes Kabali the highest grossing film yet. And we aren’t surprised one bit. Everyone’s lived for this day, to see him on the big screen. The best part about his films is, they may lack spine, but one Rajinikanth is enough to make up for that with his stellar performance. His films are an experience. And we’re sure the world is dying to experience all the madness, the beauty, the crazy following Thalaiva has.

And we say ‘world’ because Malaysia has already declared the film No.1. That’s enough proof for everybody who has a doubt on Thalaiva’s crazy fan following. As for me? Brb, still trying to find tickets online.

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