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Carpet- Dreams Interpretation

carpet dreams 03Carpet dreams may vary from individual to individual; most of the times, a carpet dream is a positive one. You’ve got to see what kind of a texture, color or print the carpet has, in your dream. Sometimes, color speaks louder than objects; thus, if you see bright and lively colored carpets in your dreams, a lot of positivity is going to enter into your life or has probably already started entering.
However, there’s something that you’ve got to know; if you are riding a carpet in your dream, it means that even if you have a lot of progressive opportunities in your life, you are unable to manage them properly.

A carpet indicates royalty and comfort. None of the poor people can afford such beautiful things because carpets are expensive. Seeing a carpet in your dream is a very positive and progressive sign. If a poor man or woman sees a carpet in his dream, it indicates a good fortune. He may receive money from a wealthy man or may get very bright news in future.carpet dreams 02
If you see yourself sitting or resting on a carpet, it indicates comfort and stability in life. If somebody else offers you to sit on the carpet, it indicates that you are going to get some sort of a support in your life, especially for the project that you are currently doing.
If a wealthy man sees a ragged carpet in his dreams, it indicates loss. Sometimes, it may also indicate a wrong decision, which you are already aware of.
If you burn the carpet in your dream, it indicates that you neglect your health to a certain extent. You are probably running behind progress and money, at the stake of your health. Therefore, it is an indication for you to start paying attention to yourself and your body.

Most Common Carpet Dreams:
• Sitting on the carpet – Indicates relaxation and being in the comfort zone.
• Ragged carpet – Some bad news is surely on its way; this news could be related to finances.
• Riding the carpet – Several opportunities surrounding you, but you are unable to manage those.
• Balancing yourself on the carpet – Balancing the current tasks in an appropriate manner.

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