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cat dreams 03No matter how evil the media has popularized the cats to be, they are beautiful creatures that show you both, good as well as bad signs in your life. There are millions of people that dream of cats.  Before analyzing your cat dreams, it is necessary for you to notice the features or characteristics of a cat – beauty, playfulness, innocence in the eyes, witch’s best friend, alertness, independence and feminine aspect.  Dreaming of a cat depends on your love for this beautiful and innocent creature. You also need to notice the color of the cat.  Dreaming of a white or golden colored cat depicts good news that is coming your way; dreaming of a black, dirty or gray colored cat depicts bad or evil luck sent to your way.  cat dreams 04

Symbolism: A cat is a witch’s best friend because she helps her notice changes in the environment, smell danger, frighten away the spirits that wish to bring harm and do all the things that the witch wants her to. It is also said that cats are wise creatures that sense different sorts of news coming their ways.  If you dream of a wild and black cat, it means that someone is trying to send evil forces to your way. Someone doesn’t want you to be happy, due to which ugly or negative signs are being sent to you. If you see such a dream, try thinking about those that are not very happy with your progress or are jealous of your name and fame.  Dreaming of a beautiful, fluffy and joyful cat depicts good news and a good fortune. Someone’s praying really hard for you, thanks to which you are gaining all the respect that you deserve, in your waking life.  cat dreams 02

Most Common Cat Dreams :  • Talking cat – If you dream of a talking cat, try paying attention to what it says in the dream; it may be a message from your conscience about the coming news.  • Chased by a furious or evil cat – If you dream of being chased by a wild cat, you are running away from your problems. Try facing them in your waking life.  • Chasing a cat – Dreaming of chasing a cat depicts your responsible nature. You are taking care of your responsibilities very well.

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