Sach – A Heartbreaking Rap Video by Tagee

The things that make us human is humanity, which we have forgotten. As for me we humans were made as…

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10 Different Life Lesson Learned from Lord Shiva

If there’s one god who can offer you lessons in the “Art of Living”, it has to be the popular…

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How Life Changes ? If These Things Happen to You, Your Life has Definitely Changed.

When do you know your life has changed? You never stay in one place forever. There are different stages in life,…

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I Was Scared By How She Was Washing This Baby…Then I Realized How Amazing It Is.

This Parisian new born nurse, Sonia Rochel, has developed a new bathing technique for babies. At first, it is almost scary…

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You Should Be Able To Do These 11 Things Without Any Help From A Man

1. Be happy. You shouldn’t be depressed whenever your boyfriend leaves the room. You should have a life without him.…

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10 things about Jayalalitha that you might have never known!

The lady with power and charisma is Jayalalitha Jayaram, who has loyal followers that only a few countable political celebrities…

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How to Control Anger Before It Gets Out Of Control

Some people are prone to rage more often than others, but anger is a feeling that many of us could…

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How To Be a Positive Person All The Time: 11 Mindful Habits

Positivity is choosing to see the bright side of life. It is recognizing that struggle and pain are not all…

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10 Signs You Will be Really Successful Even If You Don’t Realize It

It’s not that hard to be successful. But it is hard to be incredibly successful. We all wanted to be…

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A Man Set Up a Video Camera On His Porch. What He Filmed Made His Blood Run Cold.

#1 Man Set Up A Camera In His Backyard, Didn’t Imagine He Would See This In an attempt to catch…

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