How To Make Easy Fluffy Sweet Pancakes

This recipe is easy! The pancakes aren’t too sweet and are lightly scented with vanilla. They are delicious. Ingredients: 2…

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How to make Bloody Mary – A delicious tomato juice based mocktail

Relish a salad platter of thinly sliced tomatoes, with chunks of mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil, sliced black olives…

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How To Make Mozzarella-Stuffed Breadsticks

It seems to me like this ultimate pasta pairing is indisputably tasty and that there is no way to improve…

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How to make Urad Dal Ki Kachori

Khasta Kachori is a North Indian Recipe. It is crispy and very good in taste. It can be made by…

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How To Make Nan Khatai

Nankhatai is a popular sweet cookie cum snack recipe which is equally liked by kids as well as elders. Basically…

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How to make Malabar Paratha

Malabar Paratha or Kerala Parottas are a street food originating from the Malabar region along the coast of Southern India.…

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How To Make Mughlai Paratha with Spicy Potato Curry

Moglai Porota as we actually pronounce it brings back memories of durga pujo, college-street, secret rendezvous with boyfriend and so…

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How to make Sheer Korma Recipe

A popular dessert made during eid ul-fitr. Sheer means sweetened milk and Khorma means dried dates. This is a vermicelli…

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How to make Moong Dal Chilla

Moong Ddal Chilla is a great healthy breakfast food and even prefect as an accompaniment to some vegetable dishes like…

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How To Make Quick and Crispy Vegetable Fritters

If you are on the hunt for ways to get the people in your life to eat more veggies, look…

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