Flirty Things

7 Sexy Surprises That will Make Your Days (and Nights) More Pleasurable

Wanna know a secret? Between long hours at the office, household chores, and screaming babies, many of us have put…

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9 Seductive Traits that Make A Man Attractive to A Women

Understanding how to be irresistible to women is every guy’s dream, but not all of you can enjoy the luxuries…

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11 Most Romantic and Flirty Things You Should Never Stop Doing With Your Long Term Partner

If you think that flirting is just a tool for meeting a partner, think again. When you first fell for your…

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9 Extraordinary Tips That Make Your KISS Seductive and Make Your Woman Feel Happy

Kissing is by far the most sensual and exciting thing you can do with another person. In a way, a…

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How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text and Make Her Yours For Forever

Flirting in general is a very natural thing that happens when you meet someone that you have chemistry with and…

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50 Relationship Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Tonight That Will Immediately Bring You Two Closer

1. What did you think when you first met me? 2. What do you remember most about the night/day we first…

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11 Crazy Things You Should NEVER Do To Get Attention From A Guy

Flirting is a tricky thing to get right. You want to do something that your guy will actually notice, but you…

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15 Non-Sexual Things a Guy Can Do To Drive a Woman Crazy

There’s a strong correlation between what we find attractive and social status/financial stability. Having nice clothes, being groomed, even being…

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Things to Remember if You’re Married and Still Flirting…Good Or Bad For The Relationship?

Most of the guys I know flirt. Most are married and some are single. Flirting has been a problem for…

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13 Crazy Things All Girls Do When They’re Crushing On A Guy!

At some stage in our lives, we’ve all had a crush on someone or the other. This person not just…

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