Check it out: This is how Anant Ambani lost 108 kg weight in 18 months!

The one thing that has truly taken the internet by storm during the past couple of days is Anant Ambani’s weight loss. That’s all anyone and everyone is talking about and rightly so!

The Ambani scion has reportedly lost a whopping 108 kilos in just 18 months and that too by going aú natural!

Bollywood celebrities and fitness experts can’t help but shower the 21-year old with praise and appreciation on achieving this feat.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Anant Ambani is the younger son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani, who became a victim of obesity due to medication being administered to him in his younger days.

Now, putting all body-shamers to shame, the boy has given inspiration, willpower, grit and gumption a new face, by following a strict diet and exercise routine.

Below we give you his entire exercise and diet regimen! Check out how he did it!

1. 21 km walk:

Starting with a 21 km walk everyday, which, to be honest, is not an easy task, Anant Ambani started on his journey toward weight loss. A 21 km walk is equivalent to half a marathon and is a form of steady-state cardio, and is a good option for those who are obese and/or have low endurance.

2. Yoga:

This ancient tradition has been introduced to the world once again with people across the globe adopting it as a way to stay fit and healthy. Anant Ambani did it for weight loss too. According to medical experts, weight loss with yoga may have more to do with the mind-body aspects than anything else, as it helps change one’s relationship with food.

3. Weight training:

Burning calories while at rest can be done most effectively by adding lean muscle to your body. This makes weight training an essential part of anyone’s exercise regimen.

4. Functional training:

Functional training trains your muscles to worl together to form a balance. It puts primary emphasis on core stability. Exercises like lunges, squats, stretches, etc., are a part of this.

5. High-intensity cardio:

Any good gym instructor can tell you how effective high-intensity cardio exercises are. This type of training gets your heart rate up and is said to burn fat is less time, that is, the exercises are punctuated by short recovery periods.

6. Diet:

Last, but not the least, a healthy diet is as important as any exercise plan. Anant Ambani followed a strict low-carb, zero-sugar diet. This means avoiding any kind pf processed foods, such as, breads, pastas, cereals, sweets, soft drinks etc., concentrating instead on proteins and healthy fats.

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