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Chicken- Dreams Interpretation

Chicken dreams 0Chicken dreams are not very common; it doesn’t matter if you eat chicken in your waking life or you’re veg, eating chicken or feasting on a table where chicken is kept as the main attraction, is quite a pleasurable thing to see in your dream.
Birds have alway
s been positive symbols for everybody, especially for the dreamers. They bring goodluck. If you see a chicken in your dream, it indicates a lot of things. You may need to remember what kind of a dream it is.

Are you eating chicken? If yes, it indicates wealth and prosperity, since chicken is an expensive dish and not all the families can afford buying and cooking it at home. Eating a chicken in your dream indicates financial gains in your life.
If you see yourself buying chicken from the shop or a mall, it means that you are going to beChicken dreams 03 offered with a financial opportunity. Don’t let such an offer go out of your hands because such a dream indicates financial stability.
But don’t be too happy about seeing chickens in your dream because there are some dreams that may indicate loss of wealth in your life. For an instance, if you witness slaughtering of a chicken in your dream, it may indicate loss of your hard earned money.
Also, there are some dreamers that complain of eating rotten chicken. Such a dream may indicate loss in your investments. You buy chicken in exchange of money. It is like an investment. However, if it loses its taste or it turns stale or rotten, it means that you have not only lost the money, but also the food. Thus, you not only lose the interest that you were supposed to earn out of the investments, but also the actual amount itself.

Most Common Chicken Dreams:
• Eating chicken with your family – You may earn a good amount of money that your entire family will benefit from.
• Symbol of chicken – Goodluck charm sent by your guiding angel.
• Turning into a chicken – If you dream of yourself as a chicken and are healthy as well as happy, it means that the people around you value and respect you in your waking life.

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