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Church- Dreams Interpretation

chhurch dreams 01It doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or not, there are many people out there that dream of churches.
If you are a spiritual person and you dream of visiting a church, it means that you look forward to the support of God or the Divine Spirit that has always guided you in all the paths. You are confused about something in your life, probably about a decision that can change your life completely, and thus you seek support to know whether you are taking the right decision or not.
If a non-spiritual person visits a church in his dream, it indicates his inner soul’s message. Even if he does not believe in God or the Holy Spirit, he is going to get a lot of support from his luck and people around him, in the curchurch dreams 02rent decision that he is taking. All he has to do is decide what he wants in his life and talk to those he needs help of.


Church is a symbol of religion, heard and unheard prayers, God, divinity, spiritualistic attitude and the Holy Spirit. Seeing yourself outside a Church means that you are seeking support from different people, who are unable to help you, and you have not yet approached the one who can help you.
Visiting a church in your dream indicates inner peace and happiness. Pay attention to your mood in your dream; if you seem happy and content, you are surely going to get a lot of support in your current situation; if you feel sad and unhappy about something, you have yet not received the kind of support you look forward to have from others.chhurch dreams 04

Most Common Church Dreams:
• Praying inside a church – Dreaming of praying inside a church depicts spiritualism; you are seeking answers to different questions related to you.
• Crying inside a church – You are going through the hardest time in your life. However, since you are inside a church in your dream, it is a sign that you are going to be out of your troubles, soon.
• Standing outside a church – Dreaming of lingering outside a church depicts your incapability of seeing things and realizing about people, who can offer support.

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