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4 Must-Have Classic Watches for Women of Today

Accessories like jewellery, belts, and handbags are the basics accessories of making a woman look complete. However, other than the basics, there are some accessories that stand out among all and are needed to add that extra little charm to your look.

Classic Watches for Women

One of the most timeless pieces of accessories that instantly adds a world of class to your whole look is a wristwatch. Although we see watches for women in stores, there is something that sets apart certain types of wristwatches. Whenever we see our mothers and aunts don those vintage pieces, somewhere in our hearts, we want to wear them too. So, if you are among women who want to try out some vintage wear, here are some of the best classic watches for women you would want to check out –

The Silver Raga

Classic Watches for Women


One of the most popular premium ranges of watches for women, this timepiece is a work of art thanks to the intricately crafted mother of pearl dial along with diamond indices making this wristwatch a piece of jewelry as much as a functional timepiece. The strap is handcrafted and intricately designed by skilled craftsmen into the jaali pattern. The strap is made from 36.46 grams of Sterling Silver, which gives this watch its signature look. Overall, these watches for women are exceptional, and you cannot go wrong with them if you are planning to buy them.

The Feminine Workwear

Classic Watches for Women


These designed watches for women are affordable, classy, and beautiful. Rose gold colors compliment all skin tones and give a very elegant and chic look to the woman wearing it. The sturdy and rustproof stainless-steel chain compliments the look of the dial and creates a mesmerizing contrast that will surely pull eyeballs. In terms of features, this watch also allows you to keep track of the day and time, all in a very compact size that looks very well-placed on the hands of a lady.

The Raga Viva

Classic Watches for Women


The Raga Viva has a non-traditional and modern look that still retains the charm of classic watches for women. This piece stands out for its unique design and chic appearance. As the Raga range of watches for women, you can wear this watch regularly as it suits the daily wear purpose very well. You can wear it informally or formally, including it in your office wear. The modern and avant-garde design of this watch makes it a great accessory for your outfits, no matter if you are dressing traditionally or in western attire.

The Sleek Slimline

Classic Watches for Women


The Slimline range of watches for women is built on the minimalistic design philosophy. These watches are versatile and can be teamed with all outfits. The pastel shade of this watch suits and compliments all skin tones. These watches are very slim and lightweight, allowing you to move freely while wearing them. The mesh straps let you secure the watch to your wrist firmly so that it does not come in your way during the day. Overall, the slimline range of watches for women is meant for all age groups, and the minimalistic design lets these watches complement your outfits without making your outfit look overboard.

Style Guide for Classic Watches for Women

When you are wearing classic watches for women, it is a great idea to adorn traditional dresses to best complement and suit your classic watches. Even though classic watches are very well suited with traditional dressing, you can wear them with modern office wear and western fashion as well for equally appreciable results. The best way to pair these watches is to wear them with long and flowy pieces of clothing like sarees, ankle-length Kurtis, and lehengas. These guidelines are just a starting point and not rigid rules to go by. So, feel free to make your style statement by buying classic watches for women from trusted brands such as Titan, Fastrack, Raga and more.

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