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Dream Analysis of Cloud Dreams

Dreaming of a cloud is one of the most unique and beautiful dreams a dreamer can ever have. Sometimes, you may dream of yourself dancing on the cloud like a beautiful angel or playing with the cloud like a little kid; you may also dream of gray clouds pouring rains on top of your head.

Dreaming of clouds can have several meanings and one needs to pay attention to all those little things that he sees in his dream. If the dreamer sees only the cloud, it has a different meaning; on the other hand, if the dreamer sees gray clouds pouring rains, it has a different interpretation altogether.

A cloud represents different things, based on its texture and color. White clouds represent stability, inner consciousness and goals in your life; gray clouds represent bad times or difficulties that you are going through in your life.

Since a cloud exists up in the sky and far above reach, it represents higher self of the dreamer. There is something that your inner soul wishes to tell you; pay attention to the shape of the cloud.

What is the Meaning of Cloud dreams in your Dream ?

It May symbolize depression.

It May symbolize happiness or inner peace.

It May represent something that can be interpreted many different ways.

It May symbolize spiritual guidance.

It May symbolize a computer database.

It May suggest an impending storm of emotions or emotional outburst.

Dream Analysis of Cloud Dreams

A cloud is a symbol of your conscience; it also represents a goal that is yet to be achieved in your waking life. Dreaming of a white cloud generally means that you have a very important goal in your life and this goal is going to be achieved soon. If you see a staircase leading you to a beautiful white cloud, it means that you are taking the right path to discover yourself and attain the goal in your life.

Dreaming of a gray colored cloud depicts bad news. Something terrible may take place in your life. Dreaming of a scary gray cloud pouring heavy rains depicts your crying soul, which is finding it difficult to cope up with the struggles in your waking life.

Some Most Common Cloud Dreams With Their Meaning.

Beautiful white cloud

Good news is surely on its way; you are on a path to discover a lot of new things about yourself.

Scary cloud

If the cloud seems scary in shape and you fear it in your dream, something is terribly disturbing you in your waking life.

Clouded sky

If you dream of a sky full of white clouds, you are going to get a lot of opportunities at once.

Do not rely completely on these dreams and make ways to find a solution in reality. Your dreams only give you a way to come out of a bad situation and enjoy the good ones!

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