5 Compliments For WomenThat Will Make You Look Like A Dumb

Common sense says that a man can never go wrong with a compliment, right? Wrong! Fact is that women are sensitive and they take compliments quite literally. However, blame cannot be solely put on a woman, because a lot of men unknowingly give backhanded compliments that make most women go – ‘what the hell were they even thinking!’ Here are 5 such compliments that women find rather insulting. Avoid them like a plague.


1) You’re so innocent

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Translation – you haven’t shown much experience. No woman wants to hear that you think of them as innocent. The context can be anything – sex, dating, flirting, but chances are that you may have formed your opinion without knowing her well. Moreover, innocent can also mean naïve which means ‘easy to fool’ and I’m sure you’d definitely not want her to think that you can take advantage of her.


2) What did you do? You look good today!

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Translation – oh, so I normally look like shit? Even if you didn’t mean that, this will be the first thing that pops in the mind of any woman who hears this compliment. Women are vain and they’d like to believe that they look attractive all the time. And there’s no harm in thinking so, considering most women DO look good all the time. Just say – you look beautiful and avoid the ‘today’ part, and you’ll be good to go.


3) You look healthy

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Translation – you’re fat/have put on weight. Guys, if you use this line as a ‘compliment’ then, sorry to burst your bubble – but you need to attend ‘the art of giving compliment’ classes 101. Seriously, this will put an end to your dating game forever. Do not ever bring up a woman’s weight, especially in a compliment. Weight, in any relationship, is an unchartered territory that needs to be tread with caution.


4) You look fabulous for your age

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What does this even mean? That a woman looks great because she doesn’t look 40 (considering that’s her real age). Is 40 a bad thing to look like? Also, will you ever say this to a 24-year-old woman? Just do us a favour and stay away from age, weight related compliments. Even if it’s an innocent remark, all women would hear is that you think they’re old.


5) You’d be prettier if you smile more

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Really? No one can walk around with a permanent grin plastered on her face. So, you must think that she’s ugly all the time when she’s not smiling. Telling a girl to smile more often is like telling her to wear black every day because she looks good in it, which is frankly not possible. How about you make her smile more often?

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