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If you recently migrated from Mac to windows then the big problem arises is that how to migrate Outlook for Mac’s data to Windows Outlook. As Mac outlook uses OLM file format whereas Windows Outlook doesn’t support OLM file format it supports PST file format. In this article we learn how to migrate OLM to Outlook PST in order to access Outlook for Mac mailbox in Windows Outlook.

Before going further let’s discuss about these two file formats i.e, OLM and PST

OLM file is the master repository file developed by Microsoft for Outlook for Mac. OLM file stores all messages, contacts, calendars, journals, attachments and all other information that is needed by Outlook for Mac. Generally there is no file size limit of OLM file but it may cause error or slow down the process if this exceeds the limit of 2GB.

PST file stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file is the database file developed by Microsoft for Windows Outlook. This file also store messages, contacts, calendars, journals, attachments and all other information that is used by Outlook. Generally, file size of PST file is 2 GB and it may slow down the process when size is near the limit of 2GB

Professional Tool to Import OLM files to Windows Outlook

This OLM to PST Converter Wizard is a reliable tool that converts OLM file to PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, and other formats. This OLM converter can export Mac Outlook OLM files to the number of email clients like Windows Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. The software is designed with intuitive software which is simple to use and enables you to easily convert mailboxes of Outlook for Mac into PST files and save them to your computer. To export OLM files to PST format, you have to download and install OLM converter by clicking the below button

How to Migrate from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook

The complete process of migration is divided into three parts

so lets start with part 1…

Export OLM from Outlook for Mac

Steps to Export OLM file from Outlook for Mac are as follows…

Step 1. Select “Export Option” from “File menu” in Outlook for Mac.OLM to PST Converter

Step 2. Tick items that you want to export to OLM file from Export tab and click on right arrow as shown in screenshot.

OLM to PST Converter

Step 3. Select “No, do not delete items”, and then click Right arrow.

OLM to PST Converter

Step 4. Set your desired file name and output path and hit “Save” button to continue.

OLM to PST Converter

Step 5. Wait for process to be completed.

OLM to PST Converter

Convert OLM to PST

There are many software available to convert OLM to PST but we suggest to use only trusted software i.e, OLM to PST Converter. This software is highly rated in Email Migration softwares and provides smooth migration everytime you use this tool.

Steps to convert OLM files to PST format using OLM to PST Converter

Step 1. Download and launch Yota OLM to PST Converter tool.

Step 2. Add OLM file from Add file option.

Step 3. Select your desired output path and hit on Convert button

Step 4. That’s it, files are converted.

Import PST to Outlook for Windows

Here are steps to import PST in Outlook for Windows.

Step 1. Choose “File” Option from the top of the Ribbon

Step 2. Choose “Open & Export” and then “Import/Export”.

Step 3. Select “Import from another program or file”, and then click Next.

Step 4. Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and then click Next.

Step 5. Browse for .pst file you want to import in Outlook. Choose how you want to deal with emails and contacts under the option menu and click Next button.

Step 6. If a password was assigned to the Outlook Data File (.pst), enter the password, and then click OK.

Step 7. Here you have to choose your desired mailbox folder from the menu.

Step 8. Choose Finish. Outlook starts importing the contents of your .pst file immediately.

This was the complete tutorial of OLM to PST conversion to retrieve emails, attachments, and contacts from Outlook for Mac (.olm) to Windows version of Outlook (.pst). The above method was processed by the trial version of Yota OLM to PST Converter Wizard.
Note: The trial version of OLM to PST Converter will only export 25 email items from each folder. For unlimited conversion, you have to upgrade to the Pro or Business licensed version.

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