How to Convert OLM to CSV Format Instantly?

easiest way to convert OLM to CSV format...

If you want to convert emails from OLM file to CSV format, then you landed on a right page. In this Article I will show you the easiest way to Convert OLM to CSV format in an easy manner.

This article is for everyone who want to convert OLM file into CSV format. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer can easily convert OLM into CSV format without additional efforts.

Before starting further let’s take a quick look at OLM and CSV…

OLM stand for Outlook for Mac, used to store email messages, tasks, contacts, calendar, events, journals, etc. on Outlook for MAC OS. The maximum size of the OLM file is not specified anywhere, but generally the OLM file does not exceed 2 GB to minimize the problem of corruption. You can easily export OLM file from Outlook for Mac using Export Option in Outlook.

CSV file or Comma-Separated Values file used to store information in a simple text file and represent them in a tabular form. CSV is a simplest way to describe table data. You can easily open CSV file in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc.

In order to export OLM to CSV format you need to download and install Advik OLM to CSV Converter Software. This software offers the simplest graphical user interface, so that anyone with a little knowledge of computer can easily operate this software. After successful installation you need to follow these simple steps.

Steps to Convert OLM to CSV Format.

Step 1. Launch Advik OLM to CSV Converter Software.

convert olm to csv

Step 2. Add OLM file into the Software.

convert olm to csv

Step 3. Select Desired output path. (Optional)

convert olm to csv

Step 4. Hit the Convert button and analyze the process of Conversion.

convert olm to csv

Done, that’s how you can convert from OLM file to CSV format in an easy manner.

Reasons to Choose for Advik Software

There are many reasons to choose OLM to CSV Converter Software. Some of them are as follows;

Batch Conversion: You can easily convert multiple OLM file at once using OLM to CSV Converter Tool. This helps you in saving your time and efforts.

Preserve Key Elements: All the key elements of emails, contacts, and calendar data remains same during the process of conversion.

Simplest Graphical Interface: The graphical user interface of this tool is very simple. Anyone can easily convert OLM to CSV within a short frame of time without making additional efforts.

Fast and Secure Conversion: Advik OLM to CSV Converter software is completely safe and secure way of converting your emails data. You will never find any kind of spams and ads in this tool.

Support Windows OS: You can easily run this software on almost all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Final Words:

We only try to find the best solution to convert OLM to CSV file. You can download this software for free and converts 25 contacts from the OLM emails to excel compatible format. If you have more number contact emails and calendar data, then switch to a licensed version of OLM to CSV Converter. In case you stuck somewhere you can also contact Advik Support team for further help.

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