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Crawfish- Dreams Interpretation

Crawfish, also known as the freshwater lobster, is quite popular amongst those that like seafood. There are many interesting and fascinating interpretations related to crawfish dreams, but the most important one is when you dream of a living crawfish, rather than seeing it served on your plate!
It is quite difficult for someone to catch such a fish and even when it is caught and killed, it takes guts to follow the proper recipe rules to make it a delicious dish for the seafood lovers.
While some people adore crawfish, there are others that find it very difficult to even stand the thought of such a “creepy creature!” If you dislike this fish and have recently dreamt of it, be prepared to face an enemy in your life.
If you see a living crawfish, especially with growing or large claws, it indicates a positive change in your life. In fact, this change will be caused by someone’s support. You are going to be guided and protected by someone, who loves, cares and adores you deeply.
If the crawfish is a huge and monstrous creature in your dream, you are going to meet an enemy. This enemy can be anyone – someone you dislike from the bottom of your heart or your competitor in business.

Crawfish is a symbol for different extreme things – creep, protection, ugliness, food, bankruptcy and financial gains. If you fear the presence of a crawfish in your dream, it indicates that something bad is going to happen in your life. There is someone who is winning over you. However, if you kill or defeat the monstrous creature in your dream, it indicates financial gains and positive news in the coming future.crawfish 2 crawfish- 3 crawfish-1

Most Common Crawfish Dreams:
• Eating crawfish – Dreaming of eating a crawfish and enjoying the dish represents financial gains. It also indicates winning over an enemy.
• Disliking the taste of crawfish in the dream – This indicates some sort of a financial loss, but not on a bigger or larger scale.
• Being chased by a monstrous crawfish – If you are chased by a monstrous crawfish, keep an eye on your enemies, they may be making plans to defeat you.

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