20 Crazy Signs That Might Mean You’re In Love

Love, however, is a complicated beast, and if you’ve been a bachelor for a long time, you may not recognize it when you’re in it.

The only thing better than being in love is falling in love. Everything feels new, you aren’t quite sure if it’s really love yet, and you start waiting to see who’s finally going to say it out loud first. It’s the best. Soak up every sickly sweet minute of it. Love can present itself in mysterious, ridiculous ways. There are things you might be doing or things that might be happening that make you think, “Hm, weird.” Guess what? These signs could mean love:

1. You’ll make your life harder for him

It’s not generally simple to be with somebody. Now and then, there’s separation included or you’re both excessively caught up with, making it impossible to inhale, or the whole universe is by all accounts planning to keep you separated.

Now and again, it takes arranging, booking, rescheduling and a ton of finagling to make seeing this individual work; yet, you’re continually ready to do it. Regardless of the possibility that it implies your life will be 10 times more troublesome for that day, week or month, it’s justified, despite all the trouble just to see him or her. Everything appears to be crazy, but then, you’ve never questioned it. You would move damnation and Earth to get to this person.

2. You start eating right and working out more

Sometimes when we’re single, we let things get a little soft and flabby, living off pizza three times a week and frequently foregoing visits to the gym. But when you’re with the right person, you always want to look and feel your best. You’re crazy attracted to her and you’re willing to do whatever you can to ensure she feels the same way about you.

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3. You fanatically check your phone like very frequently

No, I’m not discussing Candy Crush. Perhaps you’re checking to ensure you still have service. Or that your volume is still on. Alternately that you haven’t missed any calls.

On the other hand that you haven’t missed any messages… from him… In case you’re looking at your phone constantly, if the sound of your phone going off sends a tingle down your spine and has you lunging for your purse… we might be talking about love.

4. Even just two minutes is worth it

Your person calls you up one night and tells you he or she can’t talk but wanted to say hi. Those 30 seconds make you happier than anything else has all day.

For you guys, it’s not about the countless continuous hours spent together; every simple minute is worth everything.

5. Everything reminds you of him

Whether you’re walking around, see a Starbucks and wish he was there with you… Or you’re shopping around at Bed, Bath & Beyond and can’t help but wish he was there choosing random pillows…

No matter what, everywhere you go, you think of him. It’s a strange feeling you can’t help. He just pops into your head at the most random times.

6. You re-read his messages

This is an obvious one.

You keep the whole messaging discussion you have with him. When he sends you a content, you frequently grin and read it a few times only for good measure. Feeling down? You should simply re-read the discussion you had with him a couple days back to put a grin all over. Regardless of the fact that you’re someone that regularly deletes your emails and texts, with this guy, you’re the total opposite. The reason? Since his writings actually light up your day and make you grin from ear to ear.

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7. You’re not worried about “scaring him off.” 

You’re comfortable enough to cry in front of him or show him huge, slightly embarrassing collection of Beanie Babies (that you swear could be worth a fortune one day), because you feel secure that he’s not going anywhere at the drop of a hat.

8. You Want To Impress Her Parents

Unless she is very brave issues, she cares the slightest bit what her folks consider who she’s dating. In the event that it’s simply easygoing, you would prefer not to go anyplace close to her parents, however in the event that it’s the genuine article, you not just need to meet them, you need them to like you. So get a hair style and iron your shirt—you have individuals to impress.

9. You’re endlessly curious about him

You literally can’t help but be interested in every little detail about him. It’s crazy, but everything from his random stamp collection to his boy scout medals as a little kid to his stories about his crazy first job make you smile inside.

When he tells you stories about his life and how he is as a person, you find yourself hooked on every word he says.

10. When you talk about your sex life with the guys, you leave out the details

When you’re in love with a girl, you don’t want your friends to see her as just your latest cum-bucket. You’re perfectly fine talking about the frequency and mind-blowing nature of the sex, but when it comes to the graphic nature of all the filthy things you do to each other, you leave your buddies in the dark.

11. She makes you want to yell a lot

For some reason, it’s hard to be quiet around this person. Even your laughs get louder when you two are together. When you two have a disagreement, you yell because it feels so important, and you need to get your point across.

Something about yelling always feels more intense, and it mirrors the feelings you have for the person. So, you yell a lot — sometimes out of anger, but more often out of joy.

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12. Money is no object

When you’re not that into a girl, you tend to add up every little penny you drop on a date or a gift and try to figure out if she’s worth what you’re spending on her. When it’s the right girl, though, you don’t care. Hell, you want to spend the money on her.

13. You like showing her off

Whether it’s for your friends, family or total strangers, you’re proud to have this one by your side. You feel like it elevates your status that she’s with you. And it’s not just because she’s super-hot. She’s the total package and you want everyone around to know that she chose you

14. You get defensive when your BFF is negative about him

So you know how your BFF’s job is basically to rag on the guy you like, right? Well, maybe normally it wouldn’t bug you and might even be comforting to hear, but in this case, it’s the complete opposite.

You have an instinctual need to protect him if she dares say anything even remotely rude about him. Even if she’s not saying something that bad, her not being super appreciative of his amazing nature is enough to spark a bit of fury in you.

15. You find yourself thinking of the future

When you’re just messing around, you sure as hell aren’t going to make any long-term plans. Even buying tickets to a concert six weeks away feels like a huge risk. But if you’re having thoughts of family, weekends away, maybe even moving to the suburbs…well, chances are, she’s a keeper.

16. You care what she thinks

Not just what she thinks about you, what she thinks about everything. You care about and respect her religious and political views. You watch movies and read books that she recommends. You consider her endorsement to be a stamp of approval. Maybe you don’t always agree with her, but you respect her opinion.

17. You know her flaws and you don’t care

She’s not perfect, but neither are you. When you’re looking for reasons not to be with someone, you tend to focus on their flaws as reasons to hit the bricks. But if you actually find her annoying laugh to be  charming and you think that crooked front tooth is really cute, you’re done, son.

18. You do boring stuff with him just to have the chance to spend more time with him

Does he have to go to the super market because he’s out of eggs? Sounds like fun! He needs to stop at CVS to pick up razors? Sign me up!

No matter how boring it is or how much you’d normally hate it (errands, ugh), you’d never turn down the chance to do it with him.

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19. He scares the hell out of you

Deep down, you know in your heart that if he wanted to hurt you, he’d be able to completely destroy you. You might not want to admit it, but he could break your heart so badly it’d bring you to your knees in pain and send tears streaming down your red blotchy face.

If he tries to show you his emotional side, you might try to act like it’s too much too soon but secretly, deep down, you love every second of it.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’re terrified of where this could possibly lead with him, and yet you can’t help but want to take things further.And you know that if tomorrow you woke up and weren’t afraid of what the future with him could mean, you would miss it more than anything.

20. You save and remember all the firsts you have with him

You remember the first time you met him. The first time you kissed. Or you might even have the ticket stub from your first date. Whatever it is, little moments with him become special, cherished memories. And you remember every detail.

So to sum it all up…

Remember, a lot of the time, the biggest obstacle to love is DENIAL . It’s scary to realize you’re in love, and it’s really easy to say, “NOPE, not me, I’m not in love with him,NOOOOOPE .”

But if you read this list, and realized that a bunch of these signs apply to you…

Well then I hate to break it to you sister, but you’re in love.

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