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Cruise- Dreams Interpretation

Cruise Dreams 04Who doesn’t wish to go on a break and enjoy time with his partner? What can be better than a beautiful cruise to enjoy the best time of the life with your partner?
If you are a cruise lover or wish to go on it someday, cruise dreams are good for you. You seek happiness in your life, just like everybody else, but with a hint of spice in it. You are not someone who wishes to enjoy a plain or soothing life; you want to taste its every emotion and every flavor.
If you dream of being on a cruise, it indicates the emotional journey in your waking life. Are you going through some emotional crisis in your personal life? Is your personal life affecting your work life? Are you finding it hard to manage both of your lives and get the best of both worlds? Ask yourself and Cruise Dreams 03you will find out why you dreamt of being on a cruise.
If you dream of sitting sad on a cruise, it means that you are terribly trapped in your current sadness. It may also indicate your frustration because of monotony in your waking life. You are not happy with the way things are moving.

To “cruise” also means to “dwell.” Therefore, cruising represents dwelling in your current emotions. If you are going through a pleasant time in your life, it is going to remain as it is for a while; on the other hand, if you are dwelling in sadness in your waking life, there is yet sometime for it to vanish from your life. Interpreting a cruise dream depends on the current situation that you are going through; it is an indication that the time is going to standstill, or remain as it is for a few more days.Cruise Dreams 02

Most Common Cruise Dreams :
• Being on a cruise – If you dream of being on a cruise and you are happy about the trip, you may get solutions for your problems.
• Dancing on the cruise – Dreaming of being happy or dancing happily on a cruise indicates positivity that is soon going to enter into your waking life.
• Being chased by someone on the cruise – If someone chases you on the cruise, you are simply running away from your problems in your waking life, rather than solving them.

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