Cupcakes That Look Like Pimples… And They Are Squeezable…Yuck…

Like cupcakes?




Everyone is partial to cupcakes. This one, for example, gets us salivating just looking at it. Imagine biting into that perfect, creamy, chocolaty cupcake.


Legion Of Honor

Indeed, that may be going to change when you investigate these sickening pimple cupcakes with eatable pus filled focuses.

You can even pop the heads! Simply crush the cake and brilliant yellow lemon curd or custard comes overflowing from the septic-looking red focus. Still like cupcakes? Didn’t think so.pimple-cupcakes-dr-pimple-popper-blessed-by-baking-1

The wound treats were made by California-based bread kitchen Blessed by Baking as a unique present for Dr Sandra Lee. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Lee has a prevalent YouTube channel called Dr. Pimple Popper where she – you got it – pops pimples, growths, zits and in a progression of sickening recordings. She shared the cupcakes on her Facebook page throughout the weekend and the video has as of now been seen right around 6 million times from that point forward. You can watch it beneath… if you can..






No hard feelings…

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