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Daisy- Dreams Interpretation

daisy dreams 04Daisies are beautiful flowers. Almost every individual in this world loves daisies because they are soothing to the eyes. If you dream of daisies, it is certainly one of the most blessed and sacred dreams you can ever have. Therefore, one must always remember such dreams in order to interpret them in the most efficient manner.
Daisies are available in different colors – from orange to pink, from white to yellow – and all of these colors represent different things. Most of the times, daisies are used for decoration purposes. Whether it is an engagement ceremony or a baby shower party, you see beautiful daisies enhancing the appearance of the occasion.
If you dream of a daisy, pay attention to its color, since it is very important. Colors represent mood. If you see a white colored daisy, it means that you are going to be blessed with peace in life; if you see a red or orange daisy, it means you are going to welcome love in your life; if you see a pink colored daisy, it means that you either love someone or someone loves you dearly, but this love is simply one sided.

Symbolism:daisy dreams 03
The three important things that a daisy represents are happiness, virginity and innocence. Dreaming of a daisy in your dream indicates hopes and the happiness that are soon going to enter into your life.
If a young woman sees a beautiful daisy in her dream, it indicates her virginity. If an elderly woman sees a crushed or withered daisy in her dream, it may indicate her bad childhood.
If someone offers you a single daisy in your dream, it indicates his love for you in your waking life. It may also mean that you love him, but he doesn’t, or the love has not yet been confessed from your end.daisy dreams 01

Most Common Daisy Dreams:
• Bunch of daisies – While it is good to dream of a single daisy or a field of daisies, a bunch of daisies depicts sadness because daisies are also used in funeral wreaths.
• Field of daisies – If you dream of lingering, walking or running in a field of daisies, you are going to be offered help in your waking life.
• Withered daisies – Dreaming of withered or crushed daisies is a warning of some sad news.

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