7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Loves The Beach

You’ve seen her. At the beach. She was the one who stood rooted to one spot for what seemed like forever and you wondered; just wondered about her—what it would be like to know her, to see what she saw; to be with her, date her—didn’t you? You wouldn’t be the first guy and clearly not the last. But to date a girl who loves the beach is to date love itself.

Here’s why.

1. She’s Low Maintenance

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She doesn’t mind getting some sand all over her body and hair. She doesn’t mind her flowing skirt getting wet as the waves crash and ebb around her. She doesn’t mind having her hair flying all over her face and getting all messed up. All she cares about is how good and happy the beach makes her feel. She could get lost in that moment forever and not have another worry in the world.

2. She Knows How To Live 

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She believes in the power of a single moment and all that it can bring with it. She believes that the present is all we have to shape our lives and the things and people that make us happy. So she never gives up on the moment. If she were to choose between surviving and living, she would choose the latter and you should never make her choose.

3. She Follows Her Heart 

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Always. Yes, it may seem like an illogical decision to you. But in her heart, she knows that what she does is for a greater good; a bigger reason. She doesn’t expect you to see it, or understand her remotely and that’s okay. She understands that people are different. But, she will never force her decisions on you just as she would not let you do the same to her. She will be happy with what she chooses and will let go of what cannot be held on to.

4. She Connects 

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Not just with people, but, with animals, kids, nature and a higher power. And you will be able to tell because of the effortless way that you will find yourself falling for her, telling her all your secrets, letting her into your soul and your heart. She will speak to you in ways you have never been spoken to; ways that you thought were not possible.

5. She Is Laidback 

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You bring her a chocolate and she will be just as happy as she would if you were to give her a diamond ring. She doesn’t take herself or the people around her too seriously because she knows that there are more important things in the world. She knows how to relax and not overreact at some petty issue because life is too beautiful and short to just pass by. She won’t nag you for being late, for not having a particular colour shirt, or for not picking up her favourite ice cream. She will teach you to let go, relax and calm down.

6. She Understands When Things Get Tough 

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She knows all about sadness and heartbreak; in fact, she has probably cried at the beach so her tears fell into the water. Just like the waves in the ocean, she knows that life isn’t always fun; that there will be times when you won’t be able to always smile through it all. But that’s when she’s going to be there and offer you solace, a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold through all the difficulties. She gets the anger, the outrage, the sorrow and the outburst. That’s what she loves about nature and that’s what she loves about you—you’re only human.

7. She Loves You With All That She Has 

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If you date a girl who loves the beach and she loves you, she will give you all she owns—her heart, her soul and her body—all belong to you. She will love you at your best and at your worst and she will love you for no rhyme or reason. She will make you feel like you’ve never felt before. She will love you exactly the way that the waves love to keep coming back to the shore. She will never give up on you; not when the going gets hard, or when you have nothing or no one to turn to. No, she won’t give up on you; not even when you give up on her.

So, date a girl who loves the beach and you will never have to search for love anymore.

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