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Daughter- Dreams Interpretation

daughter dreams 01We often see our kids in our dreams, but they are not just the things that your mind makes up for you; seeing your son or daughter in your dream indicates a lot of emotional things that you are currently going through, in your waking life.
If your daughter seems happy to you in your dream, you share an amazing and healthy bond with her in your life. If you see her getting married or in beautiful bridal attire, she is someone who makes you feel content and happy.
If your daughter has died in your dream, it indicates your relationship with your daughter. Has something terribly disturbed your bond with her? It is time for you to think about what is straining your relationship with her!
If you see your daughter crying, there are chances that she is hiding her sorrows from you. Ask her politely because she may not want to share her personal issues with you, in the waking life, but deep inside of her, she is crying to get your support.daughter dreams 02
If your daughter has died and you dream of her, it is nothing but a dream in which she pays a visit to talk to you.

A daughter represents beauty, happiness, emotions, sentiments, love, care, protection, shelter and even purity.
If you dream of your daughter being in some sort of a danger, check on her health; she may go through an illness soon.
If you dream of fighting with your daughter, you are finding it difficult to cope up with the stress of your waking life.
If you dream of your daughter’s wedding ceremony, especially with an amazing man, it represents envy. You may be sub-consciously jealous of your daughter’s youth and choice of a better man!daughter dreams 04

Most Common Daughter Dreams:
• Talking to your daughter – If you dream of talking to your daughter, you seek advice from her in something she knows the best.
• Crying with your daughter – You are aware about the struggles of your daughter and feel sorry for her, if you dream of crying with her.
• Killing your daughter – If you dream of hitting or killing your daughter, you are suppressing the young girl in you, who still exists and wishes to blossom!

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