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Dead- Dreams Interpretation

You see yourself lying in the dead bed; you are in the coffin and as soon as the box is closed and you are buried, you wake up with a chill in your spine!
It is quite common to see yourself dead in your dreams, especially if you are going through a terrible and emotionally disturbed waking life.
Seeing yourself dead in your dreams indicates closure of something that was important to you; it may mean a broken relationship for which you gave everything that you could, yet it couldn’t survive; it may also mean divorce or end of a healthy and beautiful relationship.
Seeing yourself dead in your dreams indicates loss, but not financially. You may lose a good friend or may enter into a dispute with one of your loved ones.
If you dream of a loved one’s death, it is time for you to solve all the problems that exist between you and him. No matter what the dispute lies between the two of you, it is the time to talk or else you will lose him forever.
Dreaming of a dead child indicates end of a project.

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Death signifies fear, closure, end, spiritualism and also reincarnation. Let us not forget – your soul travels to another body when you die and you are reborn in the world with another name and another life. It also indicates second chance.
Dreaming of talking to a dead person indicates that you are being influenced by negative forces. If the speaker tries luring you to die, you may get suicidal thoughts in your waking life. IGNORE such thoughts and look at the brighter sides of your life.
Talking to a dead friend, parent, grandparent or lover is a visit that he pays to you. Try remembering everything about the conversation as it may hold some information about your future.

Most Common Dead Dreams:
• You are dead – Dreaming of your death is an indication of an unachieved dream.
• You are dead, yet walking – If you dream of yourself walking and talking, even after death, it indicates that you are holding on to something that has already ended.
• Talking to a dead person – If you dream of talking to a dead person you don’t know in your waking life, you are unable to focus on your hidden talents.

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