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Decoding Women’s Flirting Styles

Is she flirting with me or isn’t she flirting with me? Sometimes, solving the Rubik’s cube is easier than decoding women and flirting. While you can pretty much write a rulebook on guys and flirting, it gets a little dicey when it comes to women. What may be flirting to one, may be just a behavioural aspect for another! But there are a few signs that are a flirting certainty. MensXP lists out 4 signs that tell you she’s definitely flirting with you.

She Looks at You When She’s in Conversation with Another Man

Men talking to woman at bar

This sign is so typical of women in India. They may like you, want to approach you but prefer to take the indirect route. So, she finds a man who is in close proximity to you and chats him up. But, while she’s talking to him, she’s looking at you all through. This is a clear sign that she’s flirting and wants to talk to you but for reasons best known to her, she’s chatting up Mr.Z.

She Walks By You a Million Timesccjhj 6

Any woman who walks by you a million times is a woman who is trying to get your attention. By walking by, she’s also letting you know that she’s in your field of vision, interested and is hoping you’ll approach her.

She Runs her Fingers Through Her Maneccjhj 4

There’s something about women and their hair, and boys don’t we love it! If she looks in your direction and runs her finger through her hair, twirls random ends, allows it to fall across her face and then she flicks it over to one side – if she does any of these things, she is flirting with you. It’s not as subtle as the two ways above, in fact, it’s almost a “come hither” way of flirting with you.

She Looks Directly at Youccjhj 2

She looks at you and then she looks at you. When she looks directly in your eyes and holds your gaze for a better part of the evening, you can be sure that she’s flirting with you. This unspoken form of communication is one of the most common, direct ways of women flirting. If she can’t take her eyes off you, you can be sure that there are other things she will want to take off. Well, it’s not a surety, just a possibility.

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