Deepika Padukone starts ‘Padmavati’ shoot with a ‘ghoomar’ dance number!

Deepika Padukone, who plays the titular role in the film will be seen performing a Rajasthani form of dance Ghoomar during one of the sequences. Yes, the lady has begun shooting Padmavati and that makes us extremely excited about the film. But there is something else that we have heard about this shoot that you have got to know about. Deepika begins the shoot of Padmavati with a dance sequence in Rajasthani style!

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Yes, you read right. Deepika will finally shoot it. It is a Ghoomar song. Wait, before you scratch your heads to know what is a Ghoomar, let us explain it to you. Those who are aware of it, a big shout out to you. So Ghoomar is a folk dance of Rajasthan where women dance wearing their traditional dress while men along with other women sing the song. It is a folk dance of the Bhils and a community dance of the Rajputs. Now you are aware that Deepika plays Padmavati, the titular character in the film, married to Raja Rawal Ratan Singh who was a Rajput. Hence, Ghoomar might have been ingested in the narrative. It is said that it will be one of the most grandest songs to ever happen in Bollywood.

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Making us even more curious about more details about Deepika’s character, its casting director Shruti Mahajan took to Facebook to share the actor’s royal and elegant look in the film through a sketch. It is a fan-made sketch which has gone viral.


Bhansali is known to incorporate lavish and elaborate dances in all his film. And with larger than life sets and near-perfect detailing of the era gone by, every song becomes a mirror of history on the big screen. Deepika’s earlier numbers in Ram-Leela (Nagada Sang) and Bajirao Mastani (Deewani Mastani) are still as fresh in our minds. We do not doubt that even Padmavati will only add to this chartbuster list of songs.

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