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Deer- Dreams Interpretation

deer dreams 03What a beautiful animal a deer is!
But, a deer is said to be a coward. Whenever it gets a signal of danger, it runs away to save itself. If you dream of a deer, try relating its nature with yours – are you too afraid to take risks? Are you scared of the things around you? Do you find it difficult to adjust with the surrounding environment? Are you more of an introvert?
If you dream of a deer, it is an indication of danger. Something bad is on its way. But this doesn’t mean that you’ve got to run away from it – you have got to stay back, prepared to face it! Although running seems to be a good option, it is not a solution!
Dreaming of a deer also indicates that you are a selfless and kind hearted person. If you dream of a happy deer, it indicates your good Karmas. You have surely done some good deeds in your life and it is time for you to cherish all those moments you have spent, helping others around you. Smile – God has seen your Karmas and you will be rewarded soon!

Symbolism:deer dreams 04
A deer represents coward attitude towards problems, fear, danger, innocence, kind heartedness, selflessness and also good deeds.
Dreaming of a grazing deer indicates happiness and good news. Your good deeds have been noticed by a lot of people around you and when you’d need them, they are surely going to be there for you, as well.
Dreaming of hunting a deer indicates conquering fears. If you chase a deer in your dream and successfully kill it, you will surely conquer almost all of your fears in your waking life.
Dreaming of eating a deer means killing innocence in your waking life.deer dreams 02

Most Common Deer Dreams:
• Being chased by a deer – If you dream of being chased by a deer and are scared in your dream, it indicates that you are a very religious person. You don’t want to do anything wrong in your life.
• Chasing a deer – Dreaming of chasing a deer indicates that you do fear a lot of things in life, but in the end, you also take the risks.
• Seeing yourself as a deer – If you dream of yourself to be a deer, it is an indication of your innocence.

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