Grooming Tips

Definitive Proof That Every Desi Man Looks Better With A Beard

*Throws out shaving kit*

1. *Urges beard to grow faster*

2. *Breaks razors*

3. *Makes stubble do push-ups*

4. *Builds time machine to get the salt and pepper look sooner*

5. *Feeds facial hair protein shake*

6. *Refuses to go near shaving kit*

7. *Embraces hipsterhood*

8. *Waters face and keeps in sunlight*

9. *Tries to hit puberty harder*

10. *Warns barber to stay away from cheek region*

11. *Searches Google for “Is there Bournvita for hair growth”*

12. *Hits Gillette out of stadium*

13. *Performs C-section to make hair come out ahead of schedule*

14. *Stares at face intensely to scare beard into growing*

15. *Celebrates Movember all-year long*

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