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Demons- Dreams Interpretation

demons dreams 03If one can see angels in his dreams, it is also possible for him to see demons. A demon is nothing but a worker to Satan. If you are a religious person, you may fear dreaming of demons dancing in your dreams! But don’t you worry – there are many variations and interpretations for demon dreams.
If you dream of a demon, it is time for you to focus on what he was doing in it. Was he dancing out of joy? Was he chasing you? Were you demons dreams 0chasing him?
Dreaming of a dancing demon means victory of a sin. You have knowingly or unknowingly committed a sin in your waking life. It is not necessary that it is a big one – can be anything – from breaking a traffic law to slapping your partner – but a sin is, after all, a temptation sent by the demon!
If you dream of being chased by a demon, it indicates sinful temptations. Is a friend of yours trying to drug you or influence you to go against your parents? Are you married, yet attracted to someone else in your waking life?
If you dream of chasing a demon, you are undergoing rehabilitation.demons dreams 01

A demon represents sins, offenses, bad Karmas, bad omen and even temptations that may lead to problems in future.
Dreaming of talking to a demon or a group of demons indicates the situation that you are currently going through in your waking life. There are a lot of people trying to lure you for something bad, but you are resisting it as much as you can.
Dreaming of having sex or sleeping beside demon indicates infidelity. Stop cheating your partner because your conscience is not happy about it.

Most Common Demons Dreams:
• Seeing yourself as a demon – If you dream of yourself as a demon, you have already committed a major sin in your life.
• Killing a demon – If you kill the demon or demons in your dream, congratulate yourself when you wake up the next morning because you succeeded in resisting sinful temptations in your waking life.
• Being defeated by a demon – If you dream of being defeated by a demon, you have either committed or will commit an offense, soon.

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