Deodorant Life Hacks

These Surprising Deodorant Uses Will Hack Your Life To The Next Level

Deodorant plays the most important role in a man’s grooming regiment. Applying some in the morning rejuvenates us before walking out the door to work. It freshens our bodies after crushing the gym. Most importantly, a good deodorant protects us from the bacterial breakdown that develops from perspiration in armpits. Though aside from concealing and removing unpleasant body odors — the cream, gel, powder or spray substance is richly formulated to serve numerous other functions that don’t require your underarms.

The men’s grooming industry continues to break new ground, introducing new products that are innovatively designed for multipurpose use. But we’ve been so accustomed to the standard means of our beauty products that it’s never dawned on us find other unique ways for using them. All it takes is embracing your inner MacGyver to inspire some amazing deodorant life hacks that will surely enhance your lifestyle.

From household repairs to skincare treatments, here is a do-it-yourself guide on how to use antiperspirant for everything, rather than just upper body funk.

Prevent Foot Blisters

Breaking in new athletic or designer shoes takes time. The aftereffects tend to be a couple of skin bumps and some swelling. Think fast and you can prevent blisters from developing in advance. A dab of gel deodorant is said to create a protective layer between your skin and the shoes. So consider putting some on sensitive spots where your feet rub up most against your footwear.

Be A DIY Candle13-Marble life and lesson

Ever pondered what to make of an empty deodorant stick? Try some aromatic inspiration. Consider removing the empty cartridge and replacing it with a wax candle refill. Sure, it won’t compare to a Yankee Candle, but it’s a way to instantly lighten the mood. Not to mention save money.

Stop Man Boob Chafing

Don’t sit there acting like you’ve never experienced burning nipples. Long-distance runners usually experience this, as their shirts rub against their chest over an extended period of time. Covering them in band-aids isn’t exactly the smartest move — especially since body sweat destroys adhesiveness. Instead, rub a layer of antiperspirant on areas prone to irritation. It’ll add some coolness to your runs.

Create Temporary Tattoos

This wild theory is proven true in this YouTube video. With a stick of deodorant, some rubbing alcohol, and a Sharpie — you can stencil any body part — temporarily, of course. First shave the chosen area using a solid razor. Then, apply the design to your skin using both cleansing substances, while wearing a pair of rubber gloves to keep everything sterile. Watch the rest of the video to complete the process.

Kill Zits

Acne treatments don’t come cheap. Neither does a set of Proactive products. And while the thought of slapping some body odor freshener on your face sounds ridiculous, it’s actually a clever idea when considering the natural ingredients used in the formulas. Any deodorants composed of aluminum and mineral salts, along with other bacteria-killing ingredients will dry out zits fast and help prevent further breakouts.

Silence Squeaky Doors

Most people fail to keep a can of WD-40 in their crib. Granted, it’s not exactly a necessity like say, baking soda, but it doesn’t hurt having it on-hand. While WD-40 will do the trick, Deodorant aerosol is a great alternative for fixing squeaky door hinges. Or you can grab a stick and rub some on to kill the unbearable noise.ENGAGE9kkskjc life and lesson

Keep Hairline Intact

Sensitive hair will react to sweat, and not in the greatest fashion. One way to look sharp throughout the day is by lightly rolling on some deodorant around your hairline and the base of your neck. This will keep the face free of any moisture and fight off head perspiration. Just remember to use an invisible formula.

Relieve Itch

Sweat can cause rashes depending how sensitive your skin is. So will mosquito bites and terrible hygiene practices. Little did you know, an underarm freshener can double as an itch reliever. Applying some to irritated areas will cool down skin and relieve any severe scratching. It’ll also put up a barrier to prevent bugs from feasting on your flesh.

Act As A Closet Freshener

Between the heavy wardrobe and all the extra crap crammed inside, your closet is bound to reek of some foul smell. Can’t have those Brunello Cucinelli suits and collector Jordans smelling of mothballs. One way to rectify the situation is by leaving a stick of deodorant in there to kill foul smells.  Note: this trick works just as well for sock and underwear drawers too.

Help Razor Burn

Unless you’re grooming game is official, chances are you’re skin will suffer from bad razor burn time to time. Then again, you just might have the skin of a newborn. Either way, consider swiping some deodorant across affected areas, as it will refresh and soothe skin.

Remove Permanent Marker

Admit it: You were the fool who used a Sharpie on the dry erase board in the conference room. There might still be time to save face. It’s been said that spraying some aerosol deodorant and wiping any stains with a paper towel will lead to clean results. The reason for that is the high alcohol content in the spray.

Eat Foot Odorimages (2)hfcgh life and lesson

The stench of smelly feet is just as excruciating as any form of body odor. All eyes are on you, hardcore runners and treadmill mongers. Luckily, you can rub or spray some antiperspirant to curb the sweat and stink. Slather some to the bottom of your feet and let it dry.

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