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Die- Dreams Interpretation

dead dreams 03Seeing yourself dead in your dreams is a very common thing. There are millions of people around the globe that keep “dying” in their dreams. But this doesn’t mean that you’ve not got to pay attention to it.
When you die in your dream, a part of you dies in your waking life. You, yourself, represent the current situation that you are in, when you are dreaming. It is essential for you to see why you die or who kills you in your dream so that you can relate the same in your waking life.die dreams 04
To die or to see yourself dying in your dream is more like a sign sent by your soul. There is something that needs to be closed or ended, but you are unable to put a full stop to it. For an instance, you may have an unhealthy relationship in your waking life, but just because you love your partner, you are unable to break up with him.
Dying in your dream also means closure. Is a project or task about to end? If you die in your dream, the project is already closed in your waking life, but if you are dying in your dream, the project will end soon.

Dying represents ending, finishing, closing, start of something new, giving up on something and also breaking-up.
If you see yourself at the hospital, dying in the bed, you may fall ill in your waking life. However, this illness may not be a very major or serious one.
If you see yourself dying alone, you are unhappy with how some of the things are shaping up and ending in your waking life. Either you don’t want something to end, or you are scared of what would happen when it ends!die dreams 01

Most Common Die Dreams:
• Dying, surrounded by family members – If you dream of dying, surrounded by your loved ones, it indicates their support in your bad days in your waking life.
• Someone else dying – If you dream of someone else dying, it indicates that either your quarrel with him will be over, or your bond with him will diminish.
• Dying alone – If you dream of dying alone, you have no support in your waking life due to which you are giving up on something that you know could flourish.

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