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Dinosaurs- Dreams Interpretation

dinosaurs dreams 03Dinosaurs, as far as we know, don’t exist anymore. They are parts of past. So when you dream of a dinosaur, it indicates your past and its effect on your present as well as future.
Dreaming of a dinosaur can be both, positive as well as negative signs, to the dreamer. Dreaming of a dinosaur may indicate a change in life, but with no clue about whether the change will be a positive one or a negative one.
If you dream of a happy dinosaur, you are going to be blessed for your good Karmas. If you dream of a sad or crying dinosaur, it indicates that your Karmas are going to hit you bad; youdinosaurs dreams 02 will surely be punished for all the offenses and sins that you have committed in your past.
Dreaming of living with dinosaurs means that you don’t fear your past. You have done everything that you could to help others and have always been good to everyone. The best part is – you continue to be good to others in your waking life. Thus, nothing fears you, except for the Divine Power.
If you have been fearing failures in your life, stop being afraid the moment you see a dinosaur in your dream because a dinosaur represents a dragon and a dragon represents protection as well as a fearless attitude.

A dinosaur represents dragon, protection, fear, past, Karmas, strength, courage, nobility and bravery.
Stop fearing your past at once if you dream of a beautiful and happy dinosaur. You have not done anything wrong in your life!
If you dream of being killed by a dinosaur, you have unknowingly done something wrong in your past, which you are unaware of, in your waking life. Your conscience gives you a sign of your Karmas by showing a dinosaur in your dream.dinosaurs dreams 04

Most Common Dinosaurs Dreams:
• Seeing yourself as a dinosaur – You are a brave person and have fought every battle of your life with courage, if you see yourself as a dinosaur in your dream.
• Defeating an innocent dinosaur – Dreaming of defeating a noble creature like a dinosaur means that you are doing injustice to someone in your waking life.
• Being friends with a dinosaur – You have made peace with your past and have forgiven everyone, if you dream of being friends with a dinosaur.

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