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Look how much these dogs change after grooming!

Grace Chon has been taking photos of animals for many years, and she has often had the chance to photograph their preparations for photo sessions. These hairy creatures are sent to the stylists, and in a couple of hours the owners hardly recognize their favorite pets: the unmanageable dog hair looks neat and beautiful, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that these are the same dogs.

These changes inspired Grace to create a funny project called ’Hairy,’ where she took photos of the dogs before and after grooming. The best photos appear in her Instagram.

We at “Life ‘N’ Lesson” couldn’t stop smiling when looking at these photos. The project is really a cute and amusing one. We’re pleased to share it with you!

Biggie Smalls Before and After meeting a Stylist


Rocco Before and After meeting a Stylist


Herman Before and After meeting a Stylist


Raider Before and After meeting a Stylist


Lana Before and After meeting a Stylist


Athena Before and After meeting a Stylist


Teddy Before and After meeting a Stylist


Yuki Before and After meeting a Stylist



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