Dos and Don’ts to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Breakouts are caused due to a lot of reasons. I’m sure we all have been through a phase in our life where we have suffered from acne breakouts. Breakouts are most common during teenage years and some of us even suffer from adult acne. So let’s talk what to do and what not to do to prevent them.
The Dos

• It is very important to wash your face at least twice or thrice a day. One should use face washes specially formulated for acne prone skin to combat acne and breakouts.

• One must use products which contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
• The cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is a must as it helps to keep the skin healthy and clean.
• One must change his or her pillow covers regularly as bacteria can spread from the pillow covers to your skin easily.
• Maintaining a healthy diet also helps to prevent acne. One must avoid deep fried food and should incorporate healthy food in the diet which contains antioxidants. Drinking water on regular intervals helps to keep you hydrated and flushes out toxins from your body.
• Always use a sunscreen before stepping out of the house as it helps to prevent skin damage.
• Wash your hair frequently as dirty scalp can lead to acne on forehead.

The Don’ts

• It is very important to keep your hands off your skin as touching your facial skin constantly leads to breakouts. Squeezing your pimples leads to acne scars and infections.
• Don’t exfoliate your skin often as exfoliating your can regularly can cause inflammation and may lead to breakouts. Avoid using exfoliators which contain harsh walnut shell granules as they can be harsh on your skin. Always use exfoliators which have artificial beads as they are mild on your skin.
• Make sure you don’t wash your face more than thrice as washing your face more than required promotes extra secretion of oil which eventually leads to oily skin and breakouts.
• Avoid going for frequent facials and clean-ups as using acne squeezing tools may lead to additional breakouts.
• One must avoid sharing their makeup products with others as it leads to the spread of bacteria and it also leads to infection.

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