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Bird – Dreams Interpretation

Seeing a bird in dream can be a good omen according to the beliefs, and a bad omen according to the myths. The interpretation may also differ as per the bird you see.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Birds are the symbol of freedom and peace. Seeing a bird in dream may convey that you need your own space and freedom in life. It might be related to your life’s matters or your work place, where you are unable to express yourself freely.
There are different meanings in relation to different birds in dream. People dream of crows, owls, sparrows, swans, and doves. A bird flying in dream may be related to your inner thoughts and feelings about your life. On the other hand, a bird in cage relates your situations on life in which you feel trapped.
Understand the things happening around you and relate these with your dream. A bird is also related as a symbol of creativity and imagination. Perhaps, you may think of something creative at this period. Caged birds also reflect your lack of confidence. Find out what they mean in the most common dreams about a bird.

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Most Common Bird Dreams:
• Crow in Dream: If you saw a crow in your dream, it signifies your curiosity to know or learn few things in life. Crows are always curious and cannot sit idle at one place. This means they fearlessly fly anywhere and halt any place. Your dream is trying to relate to your curiosity on a current affair. It could be your marriage or a promotion.
• Owls in Dream: Owls have the ability to see in dark. Thus, if you are running in a dark situation of life, the owl signifies that you have the ability and skills to find a relevant solution. Find out what is killing you within and the situation where you are stuck.
• Bird Spreading Wings: If you dreamt of a bird spreading its wings in dream, it is hinting you about new goals of life. It is time that you make new goals to achieve something different and bigger in life. Find out the things that fascinate you the most and spread your knowledge to reach there.

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