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Birthday – Dreams Interpretation

Birthdays are the symbol of celebration in dream as well as in real life. These come with exciting news and special moments.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The first thing that comes in mind the moment we think of a birthday is the Birthday Cake! It means the birthday cake is the main symbol of wishes in a dream. Birthday cake symbolizes the wishes you have in life and seeing them in dream means that these wishes will soon come true.
Birthdays in dream are related to good luck, good news, happiness, new invitations and much more. Since, the day is loaded with many things; you will be confused of the actual meaning it is trying to relate.
Try to analyze the things you see in the birthday and recollect if you see something unusual. For instance, if you find a stranger who has attended your birthday in dream, it means that you are likely to meet someone special, at a special event. This could be a business dinner, someone’s birthday party or any special occasion.

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Most Common Birthday Dreams:
• To Receive a Surprise Birthday Gift: If you dreamt of a birthday gift, it means that you will soon be rewarded for your efforts. Thus could be a promotion or an award for your hard work at office. A bonus or profit in your business can also be expected.
• Birthday Invitation: If you have received a birthday invitation in dream, it means that you will crack a business deal soon. Invitations are also related to property matters. Check what relates your subject the most.
• Attending someone’s Birthday: If you had a dream that you attended someone’s birthday, it means that you will be visiting someone close very soon. This could either be a long lost friend or a relative. Birthday parties in dream also refer to matters of luck.
• Birthday Surprise Plan: Many people dream that were a part of someone’s surprise birthday party. This depicts a secret that someone must have shared with you and only a few people know about it. Keep it a surprise if what you are expected to do. You may find hurdles where people will try to get this secret revealed from you. So be careful of what you speak for the next few days.

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