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Boa – Dreams Interpretation

Boa is the symbol of courage, determination and physical energy. However, it is only if Boa is related to you. Things could turn the table you see the Boa on the other end.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Boa is related to the strength you carry to handle different situations in life. Boa can squeeze anything within minutes and thus, it is necessary that you relate what is your dream depicting. The situations and people around you may behave in a manner that a Boa would behave. Thus, it is important that you try to understand the things happening in your life and relate it with your dream.
There are different beliefs about seeing Boa in dreams. Some people relate it with courage, whereas some relate it with suffocating situations of life. It depends on what you see in your dream. For instance, if you see a Boa squeezing its prey, it would depict two things – Strength from Boa’s perspective and suffocation from the prey’s perspective. It is only you who would find out if you are the prey or Boa.
Relate your issues in life. If you find yourself sulking in your issues, your dream is signifying that you are the being preyed. On the other hand, if you come out of it courageously, it meant that you are the Boa.

Most Common Boa Dreams:
• To See a Boa: To see a Boa in dream means that you are likely to find a challenging situation. It is only with your strength and courage; you will be able to come out of it. Find out all the possible solutions to find out a way and breathe free.
• Boa Crawling on Your Body: If you dreamt of Boa roaming on your body, it means that you are surrounded by pressurizing situations. Speak out for yourself and do not take things more than you can handle. If you are facing this situation at work, assigning tasks to others may help. Boa crawling on the body also depicts fear.
• Boa hanging on the Tree: A dream where you find Boa hanging on the tree means that you are striving for courage and stamina. You are fearful to speak about your feelings and wish that somehow you could gather the strength.

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