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Brother – Dreams Interpretation

Brother is the symbol of love, respect and bonding in the family. There is much to add to this.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Brother is one word for unity, love and affection. However, the meaning may differ to what you see in your dreams. Seeing your own brother in dream may relate your emotional state of mind. When women see their brother in dream, it means that they are missing the sense of security and safety around them. Find out if you are missing a fatherly figure or if you are facing some security issues at present.
If a man finds his brother in his dream, it either means compassion or it means competition. Many parents often compare their children with each other. This may trigger the jealousy factor and increase the feeling of competing with own brother. Perhaps, your dream depicts that either you are jealous of your brother’s success or you have a feeling of insecurity against him.
Note down the things you notice in your dream. Factors like the age of your brother, emotions, reactions and behavior will convey different meanings. For instance, if you see your brother as a child, it means that you are missing your childhood.brothers2 brothers3 brothers4

Most Common Brother Dreams:
• Brother Crying in Dream: People often see their brother crying in their dream. This means that you are happy to defeat him or missing him badly in life. Your egos are the main reason behind this ignorance. Perhaps, the situation might be the same on the other end. Talking things face to face may be of help.
• Seeing your Brother: Dreaming that your brother is staring at you is a sign of guilty conscious people. You get conscious before committing any errors and feel fearful of your brother’s reaction. It may be because your brother might be a fatherly figure in your life and you dislike the idea of cheating upon him.
• Hugging your Brother: It is time to admit your mistakes and forget all the quarrels that may have happened in the past with your brother. Your inner conscience wants you to leave everything aside and make things work between you and your brother once again.

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