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Sun- Dreams Interpretation

We all exist on Earth because of Sun. It helps all the living beings with light and positive energies. Sun is the source to a lot of things in life. Even if we don’t pay attention to its presence around us, we know that it is there for us.
Dreaming of sun is generally a pleasant or good one. Sun provides you with positive energies and hence you feel good when you see it in your dreams. When it is present in your dream, it means that a lot of optimistic attitudes and waves are being sent your way and hence, you should not be worried about your current problems because things are going to be better.
Sun is also a source of intelligence. Dreaming of sun indicates your passion or keen attitude towards learning new things. You have a thirst for knowledge and you are going to be blessed with all the knowledge that you wish to learn.
Since sun provides us with warmth, if you see it in your dream, it means that you are in search of warmth and protection in your waking life. Dreaming of ‘sun bathing’ means that you will get all the protection from your problems.

Sun represents warmth, protection, heat, intelligence, knowledge, care, affection and life.
Dreaming of a sunrise indicates beginning of something new. It is always a good thing to see the sun rising in your dream. If you are pregnant, you are bound to get sunrise dreams since they indicate the birth or beginning or something new.
Dreaming of happily dancing under the sun indicates comfort and protection. You feel extremely good when you dance under the warmth of the sun.
When you dream of being happy under the sun, it means that you are going to get a lot of guidance to come out of the problems in your waking life.

Most Common Sun Dreams:
• Cloudy sun – Such a dream means that there are some problems coming your way and you must be prepared to face those.
• A shining sun – If the sun shines brightly in your dream, it means that you are going to get rid of all your problems.
• Clear sky and shining sun – If you see a shining sun in a clear sky, it indicates happiness and contentment in your life.

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