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Surprise- Dreams Interpretation

The term surprise needs no specific explanation; it is nothing but an emotion that you express when something unexpected happens to you; however, this unexpected thing needs to be positive.
Dreaming of being surprised indicates your need for change. You are looking forward to be surprised in your life because you are tired of the same old things that have been happening since quite some time in your life. You want to get out of the same schedule and do something different in your life to surprise others as well as yourself in your waking life.
If you dream of being surprised by someone that you know in your waking life, it indicates your emotion towards him. You want him to do something special for you, but he is not showing much of interest in you. For an instance, you may see your crush sending roses to your doorstep; this is something that your heart longs for and hence the emotion is seen in the dream.
Dreaming of being pleasantly surprised means that you want some good things to happen to you now because you are tired of all those struggles that you have been going through all this while.

Being surprised represents emotions, pleasance, happiness, joy, fear, something that your heart longs for and inner desires.
Dreaming of being surprised by your loved one means that you want the relationship to be better, even though it seems impossible now. You are at the verge of breaking up, but since there are still some strings attached between the two of you, you are unable to let go off him, completely.
Dreaming of being unpleasantly surprised means that some embarrassing moment may happen to you in the coming time. Don’t worry – this is not going to be something big.

Most Common Surprise Dreams:
• Surprised by friends – You are missing your friends and you are expecting the long lost ones to return to you, if you see such a dream.
• Surprised by enemies – Such a dream means that you are going to resolve your problems with most of your enemies.
• Surprised by a non-living thing – Such a dream means that you are expecting something impossible from your life.

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