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Earth- Dreams Interpretation

Earth Dreams 02Sometimes, you dream funny things. You turn into an astronaut and see yourself at the space station or probably flying around Earth; sometimes, you see yourself dancing around the planet, happily.
No matter what kind of a dream you see, if dream of Earth, you have got to interpret it in the right manner. Since Earth is a sphere, it indicates completeness.
If you see a fully round and beautiful Earth, it is surely a positive sign. You have been working on something from quite some time and it is about to finish now. If you see a beautiful round Earth, you are going to prosper.
If you dream of a shaky Earth, it indicates all the troubles and fears in your life. You lack internal happiness. You may act to be happy or fake smiles, but you know that you are internally not at peace. You are doing some sort of injustice to yourself by not listening to your inner soul.
If the Earth is completely still in your dream, it is an indication about your current situation. Your life has come to a standstill. Everything seems monotonous and you are not satisfied with this constancy in life.

Symbolism:Earth Dreams 04
Earth depicts nature, mother (since we call it Mother Earth), contentment, sorrows, fertility and life.
In your dream, if you see Earth just the way it is now, beautiful and fertile, good news is on its way for you. You don’t need to be worried about those that are trying to put you down because you are born to flourish and progress.
If you dream of calm Earth, you have internal peace.
If you see rapidly moving or rotating Earth, you are at the verge of breaking down in your life. You are going through terrible things and the worst part is that everything has come at once!Earth Dreams 03

Most Common Earth Dreams:
· Silent Earth – If you dream of silent and calm Earth, a lot of contentment is going to enter into your life.
· Crying Earth – Some people see Earth crying in their dreams; such a dream indicates their inner state. The dreamer’s soul cries for his sufferings, when he dreams of crying Earth.
· Exploding Earth – Something good may have a terrible ending, if you dream of exploding Earth.

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